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About Us

Kloudout & Your Virtual Experience

Kloudout offers an insider’s perspective of an old city with a new spirit. Within the last few years, the city of Las Vegas has undergone an intensive makeover that has uplifted the Boulevard into an upscale, exclusive, and expressive destination. While the city and demographic has changed, the target and purpose of third party travel companies have yet to evolve. Kloudout is a birth of an immediate and definitively different take on the use of a wholesale company for travel arrangements.

Kloudout’s goal is to cater to not necessarily the price conscious individuals, but to the time conscious individuals. Las Vegas has entered the decade of fast and young money. ‘Time is money’ rings true, as old as the saying may be; yet, more often than not, the amount of time spent waiting – waiting for your luggage at baggage claim, waiting in never ending lines to check-in and out of your hotel, waiting in the unbearable crowd of hipsters to hopefully catch the VIP Host’s eye at the front door of a club – would surpass the amount of money spent enjoying your plans. Kloudout is here to eliminate that annoyance of waiting to start your vacation, celebration, business meeting, and/or gaming!.

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Your entire experience with Kloudout is set to be a part of your history. You can enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted in beautiful Las Vegas.

We aim to offer our guests the ability to reserve exclusive, high-end suites, penthouses, and residential style accommodations. Kloudout presents our guests with the option to bypass check-in queues and the hassle of arranging transportation from the airport to their hotel; providing our guests the ever elusive time to truly experience Vegas. We are equipped to customize a package for each guest based off of any and every occasion. Our personalized and polished Concierge service suggestions are an added benefit when utilizing Kloudout. We have aligned our company culture and brand to meet the expectations of a new generation of men and women, and look to single-handedly change the status of reserving through wholesale and leisure travel companies. We encourage you to take this opportunity to join the Kloud and maximize your experience!